News & Articles Year 2006


News & Articles - Year 2006


Our Strive Towards Clinical Aromatherapy in Taiwan



In tandem with our strive towards integrating Aromatherapy within Clinical environment, AromaArt has, in our recent trip to various parts of Taiwan, ROC, received phenomenal breakthroughs in our educational efforts sowed these years together with our fellow International associates. 


For this early October's trip, it was indeed a fruitful one that is packed with many exciting events to anticipate. Our first stop was to the National Taichung Nursing College for a Collaboration Agreement Signing Ceremony. Established since 1955, this nursing college has since cultivated countless dedicated nurses and has long been recognized as a leading nursing college in Taiwan.


Since early 2006, AromaArt has been providing short trainings and workshops to the collegeís nurses. In agreement towards a common vision in education and development, we have agreed to collaborate and combine our resources in Research and Development for Clinical Aromatherapy. We hope that such collaboration would yield good results where Aromatherapy may be more effectively applied to help patients in their fight against ailments and diseases.




Our next stop was to an Elderly home in Taichung where our committed teams have been actively providing volunteer massages for the elderly. True to the spirit of contributing back to the society that we have received abundance from, we hope that this AromaArtís belief will be widely spread, so that more patients may experience the vast benefits of touch.




Another activity in our schedule during this trip was attending the Graduation Ceremony of our students. This unique batch of graduates, whom have been arranged to take their examinations at the Beijing Labour Bureau, in China PRC, where candidates who passed the examinations were qualified by the Beijing Government to teach Aromatherapy in China.


It is indeed encouraging to see all our students clearing the examinations according to the strict standards set by the Beijing Authorities and we hope that in the near future, these graduates with their talents, would educate more students in Clinical Aromatherapy.




In line with our recent education collaboration with the Beauty Parlour Union of Taiwan, we have made a visit to its office in Ji Long where we had constructive discussions with its Chairman, Ms Lin Mei Ying. Ms Lin has, for the past few decades in this Government appointment contributed much to the wellness industry across Taiwan. Our discussion covers subjects like International differences in Aromatherapy practice, cultural conflicts and syllabus synchronization in Taiwan.


Our pilot educational project with the Government has launched successfully in June 2006 and we hope that with the implementation of this project, AromaArt may assist the Unionís drive towards raising and synchronizing the Aromatherapy syllabus in Taiwan.




Another satisfaction we have gained from this trip was the opportunity to meet up with many of our past graduates and existing students. It was more so heart-warming that many of them took the effort of travelling from various parts of the province to meet up and share with us their recent progress. We are glad that these valuable friendships are developed along our path of education and such assets will always be deeply cherished.

We would like to thank the wonderful hospitality that our friends and affiliates have showered upon us, and despite the fact that our Mid-Autumn Festival has to be spent away from our family during this trip, love and warmth were never lacking.

Article written by The AromaArt Team





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