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News & Articles - Year 2006


Research Reference - Aromatherapy on Skin


AromaArt has been leading our graduates to various Nursing Homes and Day Care Centres performing volunteer massages to patients and the elderly since 1998. Through these years, we have yielded many positive results from aromatherapy and touch on the patients.
With such positive results, we would like to embark on a clinical research on the benefits of aromatherapy on patients, starting from skin conditions. We hope that such effort would aid us to clinically quantify the effects that may in turn aid healthcare personnel to integrate such therapy within their environment to better help their patients.
The following are some examples of positive results of aromatherapy application on skin that have been compiled by healthcare personnel for references. We hope that these references will assist aromatherapists in their practice and we welcome assistance and contributions in any capacity towards our research and development.




Case Study: Madam Tan




  • Female patient. Age: 40 years old

  • Medical history: Diabetic since 10 years old

  • General health condition: Good

  • Case condition: Patient had developed an abscess from a surgery in April 2006, to remove a pustule formed under the skin from her daily injections. The open wound was about 3cm and was never healed since April 2006 to September 2006. Patient had to clean her wound with saline several times a day and apply new dressing at the advice of her doctor. The open wound caused much discomfort and pain to the patient, as well as inconvenience from having to clean and dress the wound several times daily.

  • Method recommended & used: 1st Day - To prevent the wound from further infection, neat Tea Tree and Lavender essential oil were dropped on her gauze. 20 minutes later, Lavender floral water was sprayed on her gauze to 'moisten' it.

Day 1

  • 2nd Day - The gauze which was often stuck to her wound after dressing, had actually fallen off by itself. Wound had started to heal and the pus dried off for the first time since her surgery in April 2006. Patient applied neat Lavender essential oil on healing wound and cold compress of Lavender floral water on it later.

  • 3rd Day - Wound had continued to heal. Patient applied neat Lavender  essential oil on healing wound and cold compress of Roman Chamomile floral water on it later.

Day 3 (6.58pm)

Day 3 (9.41pm)

  • 4th Day - Excerpt of email received from patient -

"I am happy to report to you good news. My abdomen wound looks like healing very fast. It is drier and much lighter in colour. Last evening, the patches of red/black skin was darker in colour. This morning, it is much lighter. Skin has grown.

Last evening, I have padded tea tree oil around the wound area to disinfect and possibly stop any inflammation developing beneath the skin. Also, i have dropped few drops of lavender oil over the mask soaked with lavender floral water and left it on the wound over-night."

  • 6th Day - Wound was healing nicely. Patient applied cold compress of Lavender floral water on the healing wound three times daily, for the next three days.

  • 8th Day - Wound has closed up and healed well. Patient was happy that such common skin conditions as a result of diabetes could be eased with the help of Aromatherapy.

Day 8

Updated photo on patient (Taken on 2nd November 2006)





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