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News & Articles - Year 2006


Research Reference - Aromatherapy on Skin


AromaArt has been leading our graduates to various Nursing Homes and Day Care Centres performing volunteer massages to patients and the elderly since 1998. Through these years, we have yielded many positive results from aromatherapy and touch on the patients.
With such positive results, we would like to embark on a clinical research on the benefits of aromatherapy on patients, starting from skin conditions. We hope that such effort would aid us to clinically quantify the effects that may in turn aid healthcare personnel to integrate such therapy within their environment to better help their patients.
The following are some examples of positive results of aromatherapy application on skin that have been compiled by healthcare personnel for references. We hope that these references will assist aromatherapists in their practice and we welcome assistance and contributions in any capacity towards our research and development.




Case Study: Madam Tai




  • Female patient. Age: 70 years old

  • Medical history: Schizophrenia and hearing impairment

  • General health condition: Good

  • Case condition: Suffered from ringworm on both feet which caused intense itchiness. Patient unable to tolerate the itchiness, scratched her skin till it bleeds. She tried applying anti-inflammatory cream to relieve the problem, but was not effective.

  • Method recommended & used: 1st Day - Applied Tea Tree essential oil neat to affected area. Itchiness was reduced and skin started to heal.

Day 1

  • 2nd Day - Applied Tea Tree essential oil blended with Sweet Almond oil on affected area. Thereafter, no more essential oil was used, only sprayed Lavender floral water on affected area and Sweet Almond oil to moisturise the skin.


Day 2



Day 5

  • 10th Day - Affected skin was completely healed. New skin was seen on treated area.


Day 10





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